35mm | f3.2 | iso500 | 1/125

When we bought our home, over 14 years ago, one of the first changes we made outside, was ripping out the roses. There was a rose garden set on top of a raised area in our backyard. I felt at the time, that roses were only appreciated by people a lot older than me. I planted daisies. 
Roses have gradually made their way back into our landscaping. First in the front yard. Our landscape architect suggested pink roses in a row when we re-designed the front of our home. I love them…and so do the 🦌. They bloom from late spring well into the fall…over and over again! I liked that so much, I found some double bloom English roses for the backyard. The blooms were so heavy this morning they were brushing the ground. I decided to thin them out so that what was left would stand taller. The blooms fill vases so beautifully and effortlessly. 

The daisies have been upgraded to roses and I am thrilled about it. It makes me wonder what else those with a few more years experience than me know, that I have yet to figure out.

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