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They scored 20 points against her. Kate is playing lacrosse on the WX lacrosse team. She was at practice a few weeks ago and they asked the girls who would like to try goalie. She saw dread and hesitation on a few faces and raised her hand. “I will!”

She is fairly new to lacrosse. She has never played goalie for any sport. She was SO excited/nervous/anxious for game day. She loves her team and really wanted to do her best. The opposing team has a JV and a Varsity team. Kate’s team has only one team and it is combined…from several different schools. It was a significant challenge. She stood in the goalie box and watched the ball like a hawk. She blocked 5 goals. They scored 20 to her team’s 1.

As a mom it is hard to watch your daughter in that kind obstacle-especially in front of spectators. “What other people think of us is none of our business” repeating through my mind as often as I could remember it. Yet at half time when the players gathered with their coach I heard over and over again, “Good job Kate!” Even other parents on the sideline were praising her. She had 20 points scored on her…and they were seeing her effort! I absolutely loved it. I wasn’t sure how Kate was taking it. At the end of the game I gave her a big hug and she said excitedly, “I blocked 4 or 5 shots!”

My girls, again…are so much better than I am. Their growth mindset is going strong, and I am grateful to be cheering from the sidelines learning as much as I can from them!

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