…being part of a family who loves you

It had been a long day for all of us. We seem to be headed to bed later than we want to every single night.  I was hoping to kiss them good night with a prompt lights out!  Something told me to sit at the end of Sophie’s bed and ask her more about her day.  “Sophie, tell me one of the feelings you felt today…” I prompted.  She had been happy at home since arriving home from school, I wasn’t worried about anything in particular.  “I felt sad.”  She described a small problem she had with a friend at school.  Although I knew it was small and would probably be different the next day without any action from her- she felt like it was a BIG deal…and was truly heart broken.  Given her happy demeanor at home I had no idea how sad she had been just a few hours earlier.  I was so grateful for that prompting to sit, ask and listen.

After she and I talked about it for a few minutes- I asked her big sister if she had ever had a similar experience.  She shared some feelings about friendships that let Sophie know that she wasn’t alone- is there anything better than being part of a family who loves you?  I feel SO lucky to have this family of ours.

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